Public Hearings

Tuesday  February 19, 2019 Public Hearing 6 pm, Newry Town Hall

Amendment to the Newry Fire Department Ordinance & Ballot Question: To see if Newry will stop the Newry withdrawal process

Amendment to Newry Fire Department Ordinance

sample ballot


Wednesday February 20, 2019 Public Hearing 6 pm, Newry Town Hall

Article 42.  Shall an ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance Amending the Proposed Growth Management District Map of the Unified Development Review Ordinance of the Town of Newry, Maine,” be enacted?


Article 43.  Shall an Ordinance entitled, “An Ordinance Amending Section I (General Provisions,) Section III (Administration,) Section V (Criteria of Approval,) Section VI (Inspection, Violation and Enforcement,) Section X (Application Procedure and Submission Requirements,) Section XIII (General Performance Standards,) Section XIV (Road Design and Construction Standards,) Section XVII (Storm Drainage Design and Construction Standards,) Section XVIII (Provision for Cluster Development,) Section XIX (Provision for Planned Unit Development,) Section XXIII (Growth management Districts & Nonconformance,) Section XXIV (Definitions,) of the Unified Development Review Ordinance of the Town of Newry, Maine,” be enacted? [Explanation: These changes provide for greater clarity, correct errors or duplications in the ordinance, update road design standards to current best practices, provide for consistent language between ordinances, improve Planning Board functioning and procedures and align the ordinance more closely to current town practice.]

UDRO Amendments



Town Office Hours Abbreviated Next Week

The Clerks Office will have abbreviated hours the days of May 8th (OPEN 7 am-9 am, and 4 pm to 5 pm) and May 9th (OPEN 7 am-8 am, and 4 pm-5 pm) due to State Elections Conference.

The CEO will be in the office during these hours the Clerk’s Office is closed. Please take  notice of the closed hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

Sunday River Fireworks

Sunday River will be having  fireworks displays on 4/13 (8 PM) &4/14 (9 PM) They will be in the area of the Jordan Bowl. Please prepare you pets for the noise and enjoy the displays!


Reminder: The second payment for 2017-18 taxes are due on March 31st. Please reference your original bill for the stub which has the tax amount and due date. If you can not find your original bill feel free to call the Town office for you tax amount.


Thank you!